Welcome to Belief News with Lydia Hoverson.  Today we are going to discuss the question, “What is the greatest problem of humanity?”


This time I asked some people who I didn’t know very well, so I had know idea where they were in there walk with God.  They seemed to think greed and selfishness were the biggest problems.


They were close.  However, these are only types of the problem… sin.  Not only is sin the greatest problem, it is the root of every trouble.  You see, God is holy and absolutely perfect, so when he created the first humans, Adam and Eve, he made them perfect.  Through the temptation of Satan, though, they rebelled against God’s holy law (Genesis 3).  If a person breaks even just one of God’s perfect and purposeful rules, he/she becomes a sinner and deserves the wrath of God (Romans 3:23).  When Adam sinned, he brought sin to all of humanity, and now we all deserve God’s judgement (Romans 5:18-19).  We probably won’t ever fully understand how high God’s standard is and how wicked we are.

The next time you wonder why there is so much suffering, remember it is not because God wants to oppress us, rather because we rebelled.  However, God is all-good and all-powerful.  Why then would he allow sin?  People typically think we would be better off with never having had sin.  We are not God, though, so we will never know what would’ve been better.  Instead, we should trust the Creator of the Universe, that he has a plan for everything (Romans 8:28), and there’s obviously a reason he allowed sin.  God told us the reason in his Word, so we will look at that in the next blog post.

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