Welcome again to Belief news with Lydia Hoverson.  Today we will discuss the question, “What is the source of all truth?”


Like I said in my first post, some people believe there is no truth.  Others say the Koran, the book of Mormon, or some other document.  Some even say their own self.


I am here to tell you it is the Old and New Testaments, nothing more, nothing taken away.

This should have been my first blog post.  In all my other posts, I used the Bible for my source of reason.  How, then, do I know the Bible is absolutely true?  Because the Bible says so (Psalm 119:160).  Of course, this is circular reasoning, as is everything.  I could have said the Bible is true because it’s been tested as the most trustworthy book on earth.  However, what if no book on earth is trustworthy?  I could have said because every prophecy in the Bible came true in it’s time perfectly, but prophecy might mean nothing.  I could have said it’s because any error you might find can be or will be explained, now or in the end.  Also, I could have explained how there is no way the Bible could have been mistranslated, seeing how careful the scribes were in their work.  In the end, though, that would prove nothing.  I could also describe the amazing science behind the Bible.  For example, Job somehow knew in chapter twenty-six verse seven that the earth hangs on nothing.  Or chapter twenty-eight verse twenty-five God inspired him to know that the wind has weight.  Paul also somehow knew in 1 Corinthians 15:41 that all the stars are unique from each other.  Job 26:8, Isaiah 55:10, Ecc. 1:7, Psalm 135:7, Jeremiah 10:13 and many more talk accurately about the circulation of water.  Isaiah 40:22 says the earth is a sphere and Psalm 8:8 mentions the paths of the sea.  I could present so much more science, but human interpretation of science has already proven to be fallible.  You could look at and probably see all the proof there is.  But what is proof, if we can’t prove that it’s proof enough for anything?  What can we trust, and why should we trust it?  We can’t even become agnostic and say we will never know anything for certain, for we cannot be certain of that!

We must trust something outside of this world.  The Creator of the Universe, perhaps.  Surely he knows everything.  Surely there is security in him.  But how do we hear him, and how do we know it’s him we hear?  Does he speak through the Bible, or some other book?  There was a time when he himself spoke to his people in Exodus 20, but it was so loud they begged God not to, lest they die (v 19).  After that he spoke through prophets, then apostles and now all of it written down, his Bible.  How do I know this?  There is nothing I am more certain of, and it is the only thing I am one hundred percent sure of.  Because I feel it?  I cannot trust my feelings.  Because I know?  I cannot trust my knowledge.  I can only trust God in his Word.  You can only trust God because he said so.  You can only trust the Bible because the Bible says so.

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