Christmas is a holiday, not directly from God, but a man-made celebration of Christ’s birth. It is debatable as to whether it started out as such.


Those who claim that Christmas is pagan have many different arguments. Some say it is because of the lack of focus the culture has on the true meaning of Christmas. This argument does not work in proving the paganism of Christmas because one would have to admit that Jesus is the reason for Christmas in order to claim that society is not focusing on such. Also, that does not mean Christmas pagan, rather the culture is pagan.

Another argument many bring up is that the certain items used in the holiday were used by pagans. This argument is almost the opposite of the previous. Instead of Christmas beginning Christian and “becoming pagan”, it is saying Christmas bagan pagan and is now Christian. But even if it is Christian now, it has “pagan roots” so this would be their reasoning as to why Christians should not celebrate it. They claim the Christmas tree, holly, Santa Claus and even the date were used by pagans. However, there is very strong evidence that they were also Christian practices too. For example, the Christmas tree was supposedly a result of missionaries who came to Germany and urged them to replace their Oak tree with an evergreen tree, to celebrate Jesus instead of their pagan gods. Even the temple of God had a tree inside decorated with lights. Santa Claus is most likely a fictional character representing Saint Nicholas, a strong Christian bishop who played a part in creating the Nicene Creed. Finally, Constantine is the reason December 25th is a day to celebrate Christ’s birth. Whether he was actually born on that date is doubtedly a big deal to God. The point is, a lot of people can agree that these things just mentioned were somewhat probably, in a different form, pagan at one point, and then transformed to Christian. For some, this is all the more reason to celebrate it. It perhaps represents how Christ himself transforms us from our “pagan ways” into his perfect blood. For others, since these things used to be pagan, they would say as Christians we should not follow anything that was even close to pagan, just like how the Isrealites were not allowed to use a golden calf to worship God, because a golden calf was pagan. However, we are now under the new covenant, hence it is unlikely that God cares so much about the physical way in which we worship him as much as where our heart is. If we are truly celebrating Jesus during Christmas, then it is extremely hard to see why God would be angry that we do such. But since it is man-made, no one is required to participate.

To say Christmas is pagan is the same as saying the term “hurray” is pagan. It may have been or maybe not, but it does not matter what the pagans did. They don’t get to claim everything they do, otherwise almost everything would be pagan. Christmas is a Christian holiday now, and that’s what I’m gonna celebrate. May Christ be glorified!


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